Best Statistical Data Analysts

Thinking of how to do your statistical DATA ANALYSIS? Contact DSK STATISTICAL CONSULT LIMITED and we will take the stress off you.

If you have data to analyze, and you understand the language of excellence, then you need our service.

Data Analysis is beyond knowing how to use a statistical software. It involves combination of special skills. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

With our knowledge in Statistics, Data Analysis, Data Science, Financial Analysis, Machine Learning, Market Research, Market Analysis, efficient use of recognized statistical software (like SAS, SPSS, EViews, R, Minitab, Python, MS Azure ML studio, STATA, Gretl, MS Excel, etc) and more than 5 years experience of meeting statistical needs of academic researchers and businesses across the globe, we are in the best position to handle your (personal or organisational) data analysis.


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MOBILE: +234 803 487 6617 | +234 812 089 0713 | +234 705 771 2763

WHATSAPP: 08034876617



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Our other services include but not limited to the following;

»»Final Year Project/Masters’ Thesis/PhD Dissertation Consulting

»»Survey Design/Questionnaire and Data Mining

»»Design of Data Management Template and Data Entry Services

»»Predictive Analytics

»»Financial Analysis

»»Advanced Excel and Office Support Consulting

»»Market Analysis

»»Stochastic model for insurance companies

»»Business Market Research

»»Statistical Software Training

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