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We offer 2 packages for undergraduates in schools where plagiarism is not an offence with no more than 40 pages;

NB: The fee covers relevant corrections on the topic. But, the price does not include the preliminary pages, such as the title page, table of contents, acknowledgements, etc.

₦ = Naira
WD = Working days
WC = Word count

1. Complete Final Year Project (Chapter 1 to Chapter 5) is ₦69,000 (20WD)

2. Independent Chapter
Chapter 1 (5 pages) is ₦11,212.50 (3WD)
Chapter 2 (12 pages) is ₦25,875 (6WD)
Chapter 3 (4 pages) is ₦10,350 (3WD)
The cost of drafting the questionnaire is ₦10,000 (2WD).
Chapter 4 (14 pages) is 25,875 (7WD)
Chapter 5 (3 pages) is 12,937.50 (6WD)


  • Every additional word to the stipulated word count of each package will be charged at the assignment rate (₦10 per word) and the delivery day will also increase.
  • Payment for each package is once. For instance, if you choose Independent Chapter, you will only pay for the chapter you want once, if you choose the Complete Dissertation, you are also to pay for it once.
  • There will be an additional charge for every express delivery (rush service). The additional fee is calculated by adding the percentage of the number of working days you want to remove from the normal days the work be delivered over the predetermined number of days it ought to be delivered. This means, that if the work is meant to be delivered in 20 working days and you want it delivered in 12 working days, you will be charged an extra 0.4% (20-12=8, 8/20=0.4) of the price.
  • We do excellent work; we don’t sell a complete project; we develop research afresh. We are the company you can trust.
  • We do not sort data for clients or help clients to fill or administer questionnaires irrespective of their choice of package.

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