Our aim is to provide high quality services to our clients and we strive for excellence in terms of each and everything we do.


To be a world-class statistical and research firm, by proffering demonstrable excellent solution(s) in every market we serve.


To use the art and science of statistics to add value to research and proffer practical solution(s) to problems.


To use the art and science of statistics to add value to research and proffer demonstrable solution to human problem(s).

To be the leading Statistical Consulting firm in Africa, that cater for clients from all walks of life by providing tailor made services to satisfy our customer’s statistical needs using the most professional, courteous and efficient approach.

To provide highly efficient and personalized statistical services through recognised statistical software, professional expertise and the latest technology ensuring the highest possible returns to valued customers in the most ethical, friendly and courteous manner.

Our services include but not limited to the following;

»»Statistical Data Analysis and Interpretation

»»Final Year Project/Masters’ Thesis/Ph.D Dissertation Consulting

»»Social and Opinion researches

»»Survey Design and Data Mining

»»Design of Data Management Template and Data Entry Services

»» Business Market Research

»» SWOT Analysis and Feasibility Study

»»Construct of stochastic model for insurance companies

»»Predictive Analytics

»»Business Analytics

»»Advanced Excel and Office Support Consulting

»»Management Consulting and Public Administration

»»Statistical Software Training