As a researcher, you know you need the service of a statistical consultant when;

You have a statistical question and you’re stuck. Don’t waste time checking google, contact us.

You have to use an unfamiliar statistical method for the first time and you don’t know where to start. Contact DSK Consult, we will help you to understand and increase your competence to defend your analyses.

You are not sure which is the right statistical method for your data. You don’t want to waste weeks or months pursuing the wrong approach, floundering, and asking colleagues is embarrassing. Call or mail us.

As a student, you are not a mathematical statistician, and hiring a quantitative dissertation consultant allows you to be an expert in your field without learning to be an expert in ours.

We can do all your statistical analysis and results writing that can take you months in TWO WORKING DAYS or less. Above all, we guarantee it is done right and we will always be with you to help answer any question/request you may have. We will be with you until you and your supervisor are fully satisfied with the work at no extra cost. We will do everything within the agreed frame of time. And can help in any other part of your research or study.

Don’t waste your money and time giving your data to an analyst WITHOUT statistical background. Contact us to get the best add value to your research.

When you don’t need or want guidance, you want outsourcing. Your statistical project will be done with the utmost efficiency and accuracy by DSK Consult.

Most of our clients are far away from our physical office, some are even outside our country (Nigeria), and those within Nigeria even prefer to enjoy our service from the comfort of their homes, offices and institution. We consult for clients online; phone call, E-mail, Skype, social media, etc.

Consulting via internet enable us to serve clients anywhere in the world. This is statistical consultancy made easy, it means your consultant can show you how to do something on your computer or can see your results, even if you’re a continent away.
We believe in making consulting as affordable to everyone as we can. Students and employees of academic and non-profit charitable organizations receive discounts on consulting services.