Best prices for the highest quality!

We offer 2 packages for postgraduate (M.Sc./MBA/MPh/…) students schooling where plagiarism is an offense and word count not above 14,000;

$ = US Dollar

WD = Working Days

WC = Word Count

1. Complete Dissertation (Chapter 1 to Chapter 5) is $619 (35WD)

2. Independent Chapter

Chapter 1 (2,500 WC) is $136 (10WD)

Chapter 2 (3,500 WC) is $158 (13WD)

Chapter 3 (2,500 WC) is $112 (7WD)

Chapter 4 (4,000 WC) is $189 (10WD)

Chapter 5 (1,500 WC) is $169 (7WD)


  • Every additional word to the stipulated word count of each package will be charged at the assignment rate (8 cent-$0.08– per word) and the delivery day will also increase.
  • Payment of each package is once. For instance, if you choose Independent Chapter, you will only pay for the chapter you want once, if you choose the Complete Dissertation, you are also to pay for it once.
  • There will be an additional charge for every express delivery (rush service). Meaning, if the work is meant to be delivered in 20 working days and you want it delivered earlier than the 20 working days, you will be charged an extra fee which can be double of the charges for the work or more depending on how fast you want it.
  • We do excellent work; we don’t sell a complete project, we develop research afresh. We are the company you can trust.

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